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Treat & Topper: 100% Pure Chicken Hearts

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Our unique Nutri-dried products introduces a new standard of quality for meal enrichment and treats.

A Treat & Topper can be used in two ways; as a dry super healthy crunchy meat snack, or by adding a little warm water or gravy, leave for a few minutes, then when the meat has softened, if using water pour away, otherwise you have 100% pure meat to top and enrich any balanced meal.


Why Nutri-dried? 

When considering treats it is very important to understand how the treat is prepared.  Any form of cooking or baking greatly diminishes nutritional value so taking fresh raw meat and simply dehydrating it, especially using the gentle Nutri-dried method, is considered by far the very best way of retaining 100% of the natural nutrients, flavour and benefits.


Why Chicken hearts? 

 The heart of the chicken is a lean protein rich meat that contains fatty acids and vitamin A along with iron and B vitamins.  Because it also contains taurine, chicken heart is extremely good for your dog’s own heart.


Key Benefits:

  • A lean high protein source
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Packed with Vitamins A, Vitamins B
  • Contains essential Iron, Zinc & Niacin
  • Contains Taurine to help maintain heart health
  • Essential minerals to help improve vision, immune & digestive function
  • High in amino-acids
  • Perfect for topping and enriching any main meal


✔ Super food for dogs  ✔ Full of natural vitamins & nutrients  ✔ Human grade  ✔ 100% pure meat  ✔ Full of natural flavour & natural colour  ✔ Perfect healthy dry snack  ✔ Perfect for main meal enrichment



100% Pure Chicken Hearts

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