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Our Active dog food has been formulated by veterinary experts and is perfectly balanced. This high performance kibble has been made using our unique and innovative low heat system, cooking the food at very low temperature to avoid de-naturalisation of nutrients. The kibble contains a select amount of the purest botanicals, harnessing the best qualities from natural ingredients, absolutely essential for promoting continuous health and wellbeing.


Key Benefits

Increase defences: Promotes the strengthening and protection of the immune system with vitamins and natural antioxidants such as Vit. E, zinc and selenium

Strengthen bones:  Contains the correct combination of vitamins and minerals that promote bone development

Skin & hair conditioner: Essential fatty acids to provide shine and health to the skin and hair

High dental protection: The correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus for optimal formation of healthy teeth

High digestibility: Chicken is a high-quality protein and rice is a high-quality carbohydrate. Both facilitate digestion in sensitive dogs

Healthy Heart: Selenium and magnesium contributes to promoting healthy heart function and prevent diseases and disorders

Metabolisable energy: 3750 Kcal/Kg


The Vital Role of Botanicals

At Brooster+Lil we are always looking out for the best nutrition for canine friends, so in our quest for the healthiest possible pet foods we’ve added a blend of the finest plants and plant derivatives to our recipes. These entirely natural botanicals include marigold, eglantine rose, sage and thyme which are strongly beneficial for maintaining continuous health and wellbeing .

By using them in our foods we are following a centuries old tradition where natural herbs have been used to improve the health of people and animals. In Brooster+Lil products they boost immunity against diseases, help prevent illnesses and promote a healthy life.




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