Brooster + Lil

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Our customers can be confident that we use only approved suppliers that provide natural ingredients from local merchants. Rely on us to make the very best products and depend on us to provide a first-class service.


The selection and procurement process for the raw materials that go into our products is tightly controlled, ensuring that our top-quality food is nutrient rich, perfectly balanced, and totally natural.


Our production process, from our ingredients to the top-quality food that goes into your cherished dogs' bowl are continually monitored in order to ensure that we provide our customers with fresh produce every time.


With the aim of always providing the very best products, our kibbles are mixed and dried using an exclusive system operating at a low temperature, which avoids the denaturation of temperature sensitive nutrients.


We feel it’s our duty to provide all lovable pets everywhere with a range of top quality food that keeps them healthy and happy.